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October 12th Week 5 Mandatory Make Up Games
October 19th MFFCC Cheer Competition
October 20th  Playoff Round 1
October 26th  Playoff Round 2
November 2nd Playoff Round 3
November 9th Playoff Round 4
November 10th NYCC
November 17th Super Bowl
December 14th National Cheer Competition


Mark your calendar for November 10th and join us as teams from all over Florida come together to compete in the Annual NYCC event.
Teams will have the opportunity to also participate in the National Cheerleading Competition, which is held on December 14, 2019 at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa.
All MFFCC teams will have their fees paid for by Mid-Florida Football and Cheerleading Conference”
Cheer Coordinators and Coaches who are interested please contact Executive Cheer VP Tracy Faison. This is an open invitation to all cheer teams regardless of affiliation.
Contact Information:
               Subject line: NYCC


MFFCC Former players


Mission Statement/Goals

Horace West - League President

MidFlorida Football and Cheerleading has the safety of all children that participate in this great sport at the forefront of all its endeavors. The concept of elevating and fostering good character and citizenship , excelling in education, as well teaching them how to become good football players and cheerleaders is our mission.

We believe that this can only occur when coaches and parents together encourage our children to set goals and accomplish those things that are needed to reach those goals.

As MFFCC believes that the safety of our children comes first, we require our coaches to be certified through a recognized certification course. MFFCC as a conference subscribes to USA Football’s Heads Up program as the moniter by which all should be measured. The Heads Up program through USA Football and The NFL have gathered the data from around the country and this includes medical professionals dedicated to making this sport as safe as possible.

So they have come up what is considered the best practices in youth football used around the country. We also require our member organizations to have background checks done on their coaches.

MFFCC is now part of a state alliance formed by 6 of the largest independent conferences from around the state, and we are in the preliminary talks to put on a statewide football championship.

Community First

Mid Florida youth football and cheer-leading represent many communities throughout the State of Florida and MFFCC belives in giving back to the communities which we serve by helping teams with equipment  to help start their programs. MFFCC goal is helping communities achieved their goals in youth sports. If you want to be a part of the elite conference please email the business manager.


2018 MidFlorida Youth Football and Cheerleaders Hall of Famers

Mid-Florida Football / Cheer Hall of Fame

The Mid-Florida Football / Cheer Conference honors those coaches, administrators, developers, volunteers, and investors who have dedicated in excess of 25 years of service to youth in their communities, other state youth programs, and/or worldwide youth sports  programs. The effect that these individuals has on so many of our youth through their selfless devotion and dedication has proven to be a very positive asset for the thousands of young men and women that they have served. These leaders have helped to guide and teach our young ones of the essentials of being respectable individuals, values of educational acquirements, self-discipline, love and care for others, and life goal pursuance and achievements. Please join in with congratulating the Mid-Florida Football / Cheer Inaugural Hall of Fame Members of 2018, for the services they have contributed for the endurance of this conference, the wellbeing of the children, support of family unification, and the development of positive community childhood activities.

THE Inaugural MFFCC 2018 Hall of Fame Members

Albert L. Bates Jr--- Poinciana, Florida

Richard DeLoach--- Lake Wales, Florida

Richard Seibert--- Mulberry, Florida

Michelle Bowen--- New York City

Report An Incident

Please use the form below to bring to our attention about incidents or unforeseen issues that occur during a Mid Florida Football and Cheerleading event.  This form is to be used to report on serious matters that pertain the health, safety of the girls, boys, men and women who make up the MFFCC.

MidFlorida Scholarship information is available under forms.