Coaches Chat #156 – Kenneth Logan

Step Into The Hideout with the Orange County Outlaws


We catch up with Orange County Outlaw coach and organization President, Kenneth Logan.  Ken was gracious enough to have a sit down to briefly discuss OCO’s inaugura\` 2017 season.

Coach Ken brings an impressive resume`from his 13 years of coaching experience.  Coupled with his penchant to speaking what’s on his mind, and you have the ideal combinition of a guy who’s all about pushing his organization forward.


Coming into this season, what were you initial expectations Day 1 of Practice?
Breaking the ice, and letting the kids know what we expect from them and what they can expect in return from us.

You have been to and won a number of Super Bowls as an Outlaw, what is different from this team vs. the others?
 Actually I won only 1 as a coach, however I’ve won 4 as a an organization president.

Usually in Youth Football, most teams are very run heavy, whereas this team was more of a passing team, how were you and your staff able to get it done.
You have to be equipped with speed, and also have a great qb

Going back to having seen you on PeeWee and Juniors, your offenses have been high scoring, how are you able to adapt as you and players moved up in levels?
I only coached flag and jrs but it always starts with defense.
I always focus more on defense because they get us the ball back fast to keep scoring

Coach Frank addressing the OCO Seniors duing a timeout


In your experience as a coach, best win ever?
Against Osceola Panthers . Osceola’S Coach (Josh Day) owned me until I finally beat him 7-6. 2012.   Thinking of that though just brought me to Deland, who beat me 48-12 week 10. We ended up playing each other in the Second Round of the Playoffs and beat them 48-12 on our way to a Super Bowl championship in 2016.

Same with the good wins, what’s a game, or games you felt you had the better team but just didn’t come out on top?
2012 against South Orange Patriots.  That year we beat South Orange 14-12 week 10, only for them to turn around and beat us 12-0 in the Playoffs.

You’ve been at this coaching thing for a while, who was or what were some influences on you when you first got into coaching?
My high school coach Mickey Brown, he established discipline and fun at the same time


What is it like to be an Orange County Outlaw?
It’s great. It’s like a family, especially when you really need one. 
We get it done collectively and nobody is or will be bigger than the organization 

You pull double duty as not just a coach, but as league president, how is it juggling multiple positions within an organization.
It’s not hard when we all at one accord and make things happen. All our staff was very important this past season, but our women they really runs it, I’m just the face .

Who are some people within OCO that really are keystones in holding up the OCO flag and keeping things afloat?
These ladies, Jinaki Mcduffy, Carmen Williams, Carolyn Rosier, and Ashley Moreland are invalauble. They make things so easy for me.

How were you able to break away from the Orlando Outlaw program and build a program assumedly in the same area?
We had a good loyal base that was more loyal to the coaches than the organization itself.  We then went out and recruited.  It’s a lot of talent in Orlando.
With some of the old school outlaw coaches as myself, Darryl Edwards, Frank Avery, Ken White, Coach Angel, it made an easy acquisition to get kids.  Along with trust and love the parents have for Paul Connelly, Jinaki McDuffy, Wendell Mcduffy, people just love them and trust them with their kids.

The Orange County Outlaws did not come into this season empty handed, as there were some parents and players who believed in your vision, how were you able to communicate that effectively and keep them Outlaws?
The whole Orlando  area heard about it. So basically you had a lot of kids and parents calling to see where there coach or team mom was going. Some had to make tough decisions because multiple kids on different squads. 


Season 1 of the Orange County Outlaws is in the books, how do you push the bar higher for Season 2?
We look forward to season 2 because season 1 was a success, so we look forward to maintaining being strong and competitive 

Last question… Can defensive coaches in the league breathe freely now when the OCO Seniors are on offense?  Or are do you have plans to continue to light up scoreboards in 2018?
Never rest easy we will be right back, this is just a commercial break!!