Super Bowl MMXVII Recap


A quick look back at the Super Bowl weekend in the MFFCC.


Tampa Hurricanes vs. Sebring Blue Streaks

On paper this matchup looked to be a speed vs. speed .  The Streaks program as a whole has built a solid reputation throughout the league.  Having had a successful 2016 season, it carried over to 2017 as expected.

On the opposite side, the Hurricanes mission this season was about redemption and exercising the ghosts from the previous season that haunted them.   The 2016 team had plenty enough talent to win a title that season, however and early post season exit to the eventual champion fueled this season group.

On the field the Hurricanes wasted no time in jumping on the Streaks.  It was just too much speed, coupled with a swarming defense by the Hurricanes on Saturday.  The Streaks showed some signs of life, but the air was too think on the field for them to establish anything long term.

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Super Bowl Champions

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Tampa Hurricanes vs. Northeast Rattlers


Although these teams have not played in a regular season matchup, these two teams are familiar to each other.   Having faced off two seasons ago on the Flag level, the Rattlers of NER looked to knock off the two time champ Hurricanes.   Eastern Conference Champion Northeast Rattlers showed that the transition from Flag to Mighty Mite tackle football was a transition that they could handle very well.  Having had a great 2017 regular season the Rattlers assembled balanced and well-oiled offensive machine, and on defense they swarmed to the ball with ease.

The Hurricanes on the other end have been preaching 3peat to anyone and everyone that would listen.  While this version of the Hurricanes was not as explosive as the previous years, make no doubt about that this team has championship pieces on their roster.

The balance of this game slowly shifted towards the Hurricanes side as they were able to slow down NER on offense and eventually punch a hole in their defense.  While NER certainly proved to be a worthy opponent for the Canes, the Hurricanes just had too many weapons on offense and wore NER down as the game progressed. 


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Tampa Hurricanes vs. Lake Alfred Raiders

First time in a long time to where there will be a new champion level.   Both the Raiders and Hurricanes sport undefeated records.   Both teams were armed with big physical players who look to impose their will on their opponent.  Combine that with the residual energy left over from the tunnel entrance and you have the makings of a thumper type of game.

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This game was played a lot between the 30 yard lines early on.  Neither team able to fully able to put together a meaningful drive.   Eventually after some adjustments on the offensive side of the ball the Hurricanes was able to pop a long run to open up the scoring.  Lake Alfred certainly was up to the test as they did not fold emotionally upon giving up a score.  It was just that the Hurricanes defense was stingy enough to not allow the Raiders to score.

As the game went on, the Hurricanes eventually tightened the head lock they had on the Raiders and clock became their enemy.

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Fair Oaks Rattlers vs. Sebring Blue Streaks

This matchup brought together a group of kids that have been real familiar with each other over the previous years.   Having met the year prior as Pee Wee participants in Super Bowl MMXVI (2016), it is safe to assume both teams are well aware of their opponent.  The Blue Streaks for years have been pushing forth  quality football teams for seasons, and this representation of the Blue Streaks looked to be its strongest in years.  Having conquered the East commanding fashion, the Streaks were focused on cementing their name as a program to be reckoned with within the league.

On the opposite side awaited the Fair Oaks Rattlers, a team that felt they had some unfinished league business to handle. Loaded with talent, the Rattlers just never could quite seem to get over the hump in previous seasons.  From the beginning of the season the Junior Rattlers was a team that had set their sights on Lakeland, not getting there, but leaving with the title in hand.  Having left a trail of exploded scoreboards and underworked referees, the Rattlers had one more opponent to conquer.

Fair Oaks wasted no time on jumping on and trying to squeeze the life out of the Streaks.

Fair Oaks Rattlers Juniors

Like teams previous, the Rattlers unleashed a series of splash plays that just flat out overwhelmed opponents during the season. The Streaks not willing to go out without a fight, quickly got the point that resisting the Rattlers takeover was futile.  As a spectator you did not want to blink or get distracted too long as the Rattlers assaulted the end zone from various positions.


Super Bowl Champions


Greenwood Panthers vs. Orange County Outlaws

What happens when you have two great teams with two different styles battle for a championship?
The answer is simple, you get a GREAT game!

This game was truly one for the football purists who enjoys all phases of the game being deployed.

You want offense? Check .
You want defense? Check .
You want special teams?  Check .

The Greenwood Panthers made their return to the league’s final Saturday after a few years of being conference runner up.   The path the Panthers took was one of that would keep the most grizzled of veteran coaches up late at night.  Having gone through two undefeated legit title contending senior teams, the Panthers were more than battle tested and prepared. Their task this day would be to take out another undefeated title contending team.

The Outlaws’ résumé may not have been as shiny as the Panthers, however the Outlaws solved every challenge that was put in front of them each Saturday.   Armed with an offense that would put up points in bunches, the Outlaws are a Super Bowl ready group.

From the very start of this game the emotions and buzz on the field and in the stands.  Universally it was anticipated that this game was epic.

With patient play calling the Panthers were able to break through the Outlaws’ defense and kick off the scoring in this game.   It would be the Outlaws Special Teams that answered the bell, quickly turning the Panthers kickoff into points of their own.

Orange County Outlaws

From there the back and forth dance between these two teams was on.

Big Play, after Big Gain, after Big Stop is what defined this game.  As a spectator you did not want the action to slow down as the action was intense.
The Panthers held the lead up until late in the 4th quarter, when the Outlaws swept around the right end to score.   The Panthers had plenty of time to score, however the Outlaws defense was able to hold and preserve the score and secure the win.

Super Bowl Champions