Path To Lakeland Has Been Laid


For the playoff teams of MFFCC, they all share a singular hope that their road will lead them to Lakeland for Super Bowl MMXVII.  

16 Teams. 16 Dreams.  4 Weeks. 1 Champion.


On the Flag Level we welcome in new comer Sarasota Packers from District 1 to the fold.   The Packers have a match up against the Manatee Bulls, who managed to win District 1 for the second year in a row.  Over in the Eastern Conference side the familiar players are still in place.  Long standing Flag representers like Sebring Blue Streaks in the District 5, Northeast Rattlers in District 8 and certainly the heavyweights in District 6 in the Lake Alfred Raiders and Polk County Titans.

Last year’s winner Lakeland Storm came from out out no where to secure the bag in 2016, do they have enough to do it again in 2017?

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If you have been plugged into the Matrix, you’d get the vibrations that a “three-peat” is coming on this level.   The three-peat is a rare sighting in sports.  To be confirmed as the best for three consecutive seasons is a career making achievement.  However, I would not go out to the nearest t-shirt vendor and place an order just yet as there are a number of teams who are lining up to take their shot.

Over in the East we have the Lake Alfred Raiders, who has been the flag bearer for the conference on this level.  They have conquered the East in two consecutive seasons and has shown no signs of dropping off.   Could the Raiders be the three-peat of the East?

In District 8 we have the pairing of high scoring Northeast Rattlers and old new comer Orlando Colts.  The Colts who return to MFFCC has had playoff success on this level, so the guys over at NER would be wise to not overlook this team.  This year’s Cinderella story team maybe the Dundee Ducks of District 5.  The Ducks were a Wild Card team and they have managed to get into mix to possibly bust some brackets.

Switching to the West, the Greenwood Panthers are always a tough team to put out, they will have their hands full with a solid Manatee Bulls team. District 2 rivals Zephryhills Bulldawgs and Fair Oaks Rattlers went to war in a defensive battle 2 weeks ago, they will assemble their armies this Saturday for a winner take all game.

Image result for escape headlock gifThe defending champion Tampa Hurricanes has had this level in a headlock for two seasons.  This season the Hurricanes return with another team with an unblemished record, however this season might just be the season to when the league figures out how to escape this submission hold.




You can’t mention Pee Wee football in the MFFCC and not mention it’s three time champion Fair Oaks Rattlers.  This 2017 season has not been kind to the Rattlers in that they have shown that they can be beat, and be beaten up.  While the Pee Wee level appears to be open, don’t be too presumptuous and throw dirt on the Rattlers just yet.
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District 1 has a new face in its bracket, and that is the face of the Sarasota Redskins.   The Redskins put together a solid season for their first year in the league.  These upstarts have already secured a Regular Season District Championship, and will be looking to gather more loot this weekend.

Keep an eye on the lower half of the Pee Wee bracket in the West.  Pre Season favorite Tampa Hurricanes have ran through, over and around everyone on their schedule.  Despite this, the pressure is on them to finish their season in Lakeland.

For the past four seasons, the Super Bowl Champion has come from the Western Conference, the Eastern Conference is looking to put a stop to that run.   The prime candidate to stop the run is the Lake Alfred RaidersImage result for raiders celebration gif

Coming into this season, the Raiders were bursting at the seams with talent that has moved up.  The Raiders have taken care of business in the regular season, and now must focus on doing something they have yet to do, and that is getting through the Eastern Conference.





Potentially waiting for the Raiders on the other end of their bracket is the Okeechobee Brahmans.   The Brahmans are a team that gets the playoffs, however they seem to run into trouble at the District Round.  In order for the Brahmans to show that they belong with the elite teams in the East, they must get over this hump.



Who want’s this division? It is safe to say that the two teams who represented the West and East will not be making a return trip to Lakeland in 2017.   In the East the two teams that are the odds on favorite are Northeast Rattlers and Sebring Blue Streaks.   Both of these organizations have consistently been producing competitive teams throughout the previous seasons.  Now, it is about time to where the pipeline of wins starts to show up at the older levels.

The guys over at NER had a very successful season in 2016, but they did not have enough to stop the eventual champion Outlaws.  Here in 2017, they may have what it takes to get the job done.

Not to be forgotten in the East are the Winter Haven Wolverines.  The Wolverine Juniors had a highly successful 2017 season in going 7-1, however that 1 was handed to them by the NE Rattlers.  In order for the Wolverines to advance, they must face the Rattlers again and hope the reptiles don’t jump on them again.  Related image











Over in the West here a few names we are anxious to see how they compete in the playoffs.  One being the Bartow Yellow Jackets.   Bartow is program that is on the rise, and they are out to prove that they have earned the right to compete and are not a program to be taken lightly.

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Another Western team to keep your eyes on is the Sarasota Redskins.  The Redskins had a good start at the beginning of the season, so it will be interesting to see if that momentum carries through the playoffs.


THEY ARE COMING…Image result for game of thrones battle gif


The Tampa Hurricanes Seniors has enjoyed a number of seasons as the top team in the MFFCC.  Week in, and week out, they have defended their field and more times than not, the Hurricanes flag flew high in victory.  Coming into this season, it was almost a foregone conclusion that the Hurricanes would again raise the flag of victory over the league, however something else has happened.  What happened was that the league has retooled and are prepared to knock the Canes from their throne.

First ones to get their shot will be the North Tampa Buccaneers. The North Tampa Bucs program as a whole has been on the rise this season and their senior team is a talented bunch.  These guys got the beef an skill players to present significant hurdles for the Hurricanes.  This Saturday in District 3 will be a showdown for sure.

A name familiar to most in the West are the Greenwood Panthers.  The Panthers are more than capable in slaying the Canes on the field, however a new team has arisen in the West that has earned the right to be mentioned with the elites.

The South Shore Sharks have undergone a transformation of fortune when compared to a season ago.  They have handled the challenges on the field and have put the league on notice that they are here.  Step One in the process for the Sharks will be for them to earn their program’s first playoff victory this Saturday.

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Out East early predictions were bubbling in the Lake Placid Green Dragons as repeat representers for the conference.   While this maybe entirely true a team to keep an eye on is the Orange County Outlaws.  The Outlaws are no strangers to playing at high level on Seniors, and after a down year in 2016, the Outlaws seem primed for the challenge.