Two former MFFCC players drafted by NBA teams

A Basketball Journey

On last night the NBA held their annual draft.  With the eyes of the collective NBA universe fixated on the events within the Barclays Center, many potential draftees hoped and waited for their names to be called.

Hearing their name called would be likely one of the most memorable moments in their young lives. Hearing their name would validate the hours of training, running, workouts and sacrifices that went into this moment on June 22nd, 2017.

As the events ended at the Barclays Center, only 60 basketball players worldwide received the call informing them that they had been selected by an NBA team.

The Wait

The wait can be the worse thing as your mind is left to race and imagine a number of different scenarios, enough to impress the most seasoned Hollywood producer.  Your emotions are all over the place as the player realizes that his dream is hours away from being made true.

Some deal with this situation by surrounding themselves with friends and family, to keep their minds occupied.  Others choose to face the anxiety head on and stare it directly in the face.

The Call

The Call, when it comes is usually less than 10 minutes in length, but it feels like a lifetime has passed and come back around.  The player’s life has forever changed, hopefully, it has changed for the better.   A fortunate few are lucky enough to receive The Call that they have now become a professional.  Now with the added responsibility and title, it does not mean that their journey has ended.

It means that a new journey awaits them at the next level.

Just as they receive The Call they have been drafted to a team, many know that the same process will repeat in a year’s time.

The competition does not rest. It does not sleep, nor does it have pity on those who cannot take it.  It is now up to the player to continue to work and validate himself all over again.

Tony Bradley Drafted - 28 Overall

Hometown : Bartow, Florida
College : University of North Carolina
College Career Averages: 7 points, 5 rebounds per game

Left UNC after Freshman season

Position : Power Forward / Center
NBA Team : Utah Jazz

Dwayne Bacon Drafted - 40 Overall

Hometown : Lakeland, Florida
College : Florida State University
College Career Averages :  16.5 points, 5 rebounds per game

Left FSU after Sophomore season

Position : Guard
NBA Team : Charlotte Hornets